UMMC-NFMP is a division of the Ural Mining and Metallurgical Company (UMMC). It includes three major factories with top-of-the-line productions. Recently UMMC-NFMP has made major investments into updating their production. The company has been catering to international standards for a long time.

Companies within UMMC have vertically integrated production from ore to finished products and their own scientific and technological base. This allows a high level of cost and quality control. Their technological equipment enables them to produce more than 80 thousand different products made of 95 grades of copper alloys in accordance with requirements of European standards. The quality management system is certified by ISO.

The division includes three factories for processing non-ferrous metals: JSC “Kirov non-ferrous metals processing plant” (Kirov, Russia), PJSC “Revda nonferrous metal processing works” (Revda, Russia) and JSC “Copper Pipe Plant” (Majdanpek, Serbia). They offer products for the following industrial segments: automotive industry, apparatus industry, electronics and electrical engineering, power engineering, mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, shipbuilding, construction industry, metallurgy, appliance manufacturing, chemical industry, oil and gas industry, pipeline systems, etc.

Anordica is the official distributor for UMMC in Scandinavia, Finland, Baltic countries and Poland.

Please see our products from UMMC-NFMP below and click on the products for more information.

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